Saturday, August 14, 2010

People say you "NOOB" or "PRO"... is the scenario..when you play DotA, some player will say you noob, some say you is a two different terms in DotA..But the fact it: So what if they say you noob or pro..Just play the game until end. It is not about winning or losing the game..So what if you win? or lose? The thing is: JUST PLAY THE GAME..thats so was youself..Anyway, Game exist to make people have fun,enjoy the game..

Saturday, July 17, 2010

We At FaceBook:)

please support the new group that we made at FB: The Newbie Generation
Anybody that want to fast viewing,do check this out:!/group.php?gid=124264644285537&ref=mf
All are welcome to join:)

The clan Members:)

Clan Lord: [TnG]-Chivas18
Captain: VortekX
Organizer: [sky]Girlz
Organizer: drakknumb
Examiner: [My]Mrken
Examiner: AeRoVea
Squad Leader:
  1. RxShinigami
  2. [wey]Girlz
  3. lonelyk1d
  4. hc00ff00ffelmi
  5. jmanson

Elite Member:

  1. fiZr
  2. FuReDo89
  3. HanGConDOm
  4. Shark_17
  5. nagato_junta
  6. [M][I][F]
  7. MuLauz_HaHa
  8. X-fRisKY
  9. cryptonez
  10. sexgrave
  11. [honey]girlz

The rank will change due to the active member and contribution, it's up to the Clan Lord to make any decision. Please respect whatever the Clan Lord decision is:)

TheNewbieGeneration Clan Creation^^,

The Creation:
The Newbie Generation been created on 15 March 2010, which the founder is [TnG]-Chivas18,as a clan lord to this beginner clan. At a first clan build, the capacity was only 10 and been increase into 30 capacity for now on. This is only the beginning for this clan, so the contribution is still low but we trying hard to increase it into a large amount of contribution.
The Rules:
The rules are still on progress, but for now on, "No Racist" is our first priority. Anyone that having racist in itself, joining this clan absolutly not your choice. The next rules will be made by the Clan Lord soon. Rules exist to make peace in a clan and to ensure the clan is always moving foward, not backward. So,we hope all the members in this clan will stay active.
This blog is new anyway, so, for today, i can only write until here..see you all to our next post...